I Remember, I Forget

Tus besos me dan fuerza.

Soft lips full of unrepentant kisses
hang silently before me. They are mine,
they whisper, and for a moment, I move, but
remember others that have been known
to lie. And so, I hesitate, challenge, pull away,
The kisses stop, though still they are mine.

I am weakened without you, falter
sin tus ojos, sin tu amor,
and so, quieting my heart’s falters
I caress your cheek, dare to kiss
your tender lips, and remember,
finally, whence we came.

I have forgotten lifetimes,
and days of laughter and
times for tears. I have forgotten
shaking rain from the clouds
with thunderous lovemaking
and screaming your name to
claim dominion over the world.
I recall lifetimes as your mate,
husband and wife and back again

And as death did not us part, we
eschewed the vows of simple men
taking gods and holy mother universes
as our beloved savior. I recall
dying in your arms, sobbing of
broken promises not to leave.
There, you assuaged my guilt,
saying, “We do not leave, dearest,
but merely change addresses.”
And I hid my sadness from you,
knowing I was not as gifted
and would not remember not to die.

But in death, your kisses awoke me
as ever, teus bicos me dar forza.

The dark ages were the best of
times until the blackness came
and I lost you, again. But this time,
remembering promises, I let you go.
You were a warrior then, and I
a simple lady dragon with a lion’s
heart, whom you slayed with kisses.

I recall vague futures on warm
beaches as you marvel
at golden sunsets and the pain
is gone, finally gone, for man has risen
from his shadows. The universe is
you and high priestess you are,
though none but me recall your name.

I recall writing you into a fictional truth
of a misremembered past. We met in
the square and you painted me with rose
petals, leaving the softest ones
for your lips. For the first time, I
remembered and you did not,
until I kissed you a canvas of déjà vu

We walk through life, fearing nothing
for death is but a whisper, y
tengo tus besos, para siempre
and te quiero, mi amor, a promise
next time, to remember you,

Tuoi baci sono la mia forza.


  1. A very awesome write! Blessings!

  2. Himani B says:

    this is so beautiful! loved it 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. 🙂

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