New and Possibly Improved

A long followup to my post “Dark’s POV.”

Raw, Naked Art

I created this blog because while I have a million of them, none of them is really about me or what it takes to produce work. This place is meant to be a behind-the-scenes peek, mainly for friends, but also for anyone who likes seeing beneath the covers a bit. On my writing blog, I posted the rough 1st draft of the first instance of my trying to write my protagonist, Jeanne Dark. I’ve written 1st-person POV for women before, and frankly, I understand women well enough that it doesn’t stress me. But Dark is a complex character and hard to “get.” She’s open, through cryptic, intellectual, although accessible. She’s sultry even though she makes no attempt to even be sensuous. She’s also very much a synesthete, and I am not. It’s trying to present a view of the world that I will never see.

Not surprisingly, the…

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