My Master’s Voice

My Master's Voice

I hear my Master’s Voice
it bids me remember the lessons
taught in the Gospel of Matthew.
Gently, it thunders through the mountains
and towers above angels’ choruses.

My Master’s Voice is Legion, saying,
“In strength you must bow, but stand,
and through hurt, must you love.
As you are struck, shall you embrace,
for the goat must butt, as I have allowed
and the sheep will turn, and falter
but the shepherd among you loves the
one, and protects the other.

Shall the least of you be the greatest, and
turn, and persevere in my name.
You will be called teacher, and
you will be called martyr, and
you will be imprisoned in my name
and with your passing, shall they know


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    Wow, beautiful!

    1. Thank you very much. 🙂

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