Lagos Secretos


It floats on misty lakes
that trees possess like jealous lovers,
raining dying leaves like spent,
dripping, leftover love.
Blue waves lap at shores
where she hides, in the deep,
eyes to the treetops. Blinding
leaves of sunlight breathe
a lover’s kiss, cool
raw, and fraught with summer’s

It laps at her toes, freshly manicured
French, and white, and new
and wet, like the dew above her lips
and the dew
she secrets in thoughts of him.
Slow, lazy birds
fly across her shore, unbothered
by strong headwinds.
They wing rhythms to stoke her fire,
and she boils, creating
waves by secret shores.

His name dances in the glitter
of the sun on waves.
His touch, gentle as leaves
against the nape of her neck,
and he stands, tall, and proud
against her shore.
Leaves rain like
spent love
in the waves of her
and she remembers
wanting just one
last swim.


  1. Bob Mills says:

    I absolutely loved this!

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