Editing, Day … What the hell day is it again?

Raw, Naked Art

Okay, I’m coming to the end, even though I’ve no idea what comes after the end. Initially, I thought that I’d finish my edits and then pull Discovery from circulation in an attempt to redirect marketing efforts toward finding an agent and perhaps getting it published in the UK. But as I’ve gone through the book again, after not reading it for years, I realize that’s probably not the primary market.

While Awakening (book 2) features a full-on dragon war, and Emprise (book 3) even have dragons leaking into the modern world, in Discovery, the dragons were more incidental. Most of the book takes place in the world of dreams, but I’m not familiar enough with the UK market to know if I could make a go of it based solely on that. After all, would the idea of Ku Klux Klowns play across the pond? Who knows? Well, I…

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