Muro – Day 5 – NaPoWriMo 2014 (MPoWriMo)

One of my favorite poems from my favorite poet and love.

Diary of a Person Being Human

Santa Lucia, Venice

I place my fingers in-between the cracks of your walls,

Paying attention to the crumbling stone,

The silence that greets my touch. So much past,

So many idle conversations had right here;

Exhalations and tribulations spoken

Like rising smoke, curling around the yellow

Light of your singular lamp. Beneath your

Watchful eye; you, listening patiently,

Absorbing the meter of a language long forgotten.

No longer audible; forgotten by me, not you.

Your hard clay heavy with memory and the weathering

Of time, age; youth: my fingers pressed against your heart.

Reflected innocence in your hardened mirror.

Dirt beneath my finger-nails that will wash away

In the waters that satisfy your quiet urges,

And leave no discernible trace of my presence,

My momentary contact, with your damp flesh;

Fingers dug deep into the sands of your foundations,

Arm held fast by your timeless grip.

I yearn for you to tell me that…

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