Restructure, Redirect, Reconnect

Raw, Naked Art

After consultation with my muse, prime reader, and partner, who fortuitously are the same person and my fiancée, I’ve decided to retool my series, The Stream.Although I like the books, I felt the writing could be tightened up, and more importantly, the marketing approach needed to be redirected toward its audience.

When I wrote the first book, there really was no genre for the book, except, tangentially, YA Fantasy Fiction. That caused some issues, because 1) it’s not like the vampire, wizard, warrior, zombie fare typically associated with Fantasy, and 2) it’s not targeted for kids. Certainly, there are elements of each of those (except … shudder … vampires) and there’s nothing in the books that would be inappropriate for those 12 years old or older, but still, it’s an adult series. It’s no more a kids book than Stephen King’s Firestarter was.

By book 3, the whole…

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