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ddbb44854f796d8c3e1962444c6eb84bSome reviewers gave Hard as Roxx negative reviews because it features two smart, sexy women who sometimes have sex with each other. They have sex with others too, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue. Instead, the readers objected to my updating social mores to reflect the 22nd century.

In effect, it’s okay that Roxx decapitates enough people to start a head farm as long as she doesn’t perform oral sex on a girl, because that would be gross. Ew, girl sex. So, here’s me, saying, “Bite me.” Sure, book sales slowed when people inaccurately labeled my work “lesbian fiction.” But I don’t think I’d have changed a word, mainly because it’s not lesbian fiction.

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Hell, Roxx isn’t even gay. Whatever. Anyone who doesn’t know that LGBTQ themes are prevalent in Sci-Fi shouldn’t read my books anyway. Seriously.

Remember her? She liked sex with girls too. Dumb shits.
Remember her? She liked sex with girls too. Dumb shits.


15 December 2142 07:02 a.m. – Central European Time.

Trint awoke to kisses. As the eastern light bathed their room, she turned, burying her head under the oversized pillow she had become accustomed to hugging in her sleep. She began to drift, once more, to sleep, but felt familiar lips and an impudent tongue teasing the soft curve of her belly, tickling her protruding navel, tracing a path along the curves of her hips. She could feel Roxx’s warm breath coming in increasing bursts and stole a glance at her partner, who was nude, eyes closed, her mouth pressed to flesh. She could have been sleep kissing for all Trint knew. Without warning, her partner slid her lower body to the floor and began working in earnest. Trint felt the wind pulled from her, felt her eyes clamp shut. Fluttering kisses … a touch here … another there, in the spot that always worked … and she knew it was coming and would begin soon.

Her back arched and she could hear soft moans, sweet sounds whose owner she could not identify. And it was here now and there was fire, she was aflame; her partner would not stop … she defeated her, winded her. In a flash of impassioned light, with muffled screams and hands wrenching at sheets, it was over. She gasped for breath, whispered calming words to her pounding heart and … one last kiss … felt her partner’s soft skin against her own.

“Thank you,” Roxx whispered, filling Trint’s cheeks with kisses.

“Why are you thanking me? All I did was wake up.” Trint was smiling, though her eyes were apparently glued shut.

“Just … for always giving me what I need, even when I argue with you that I don’t need it.”

Though lovemaking was Trint’s favorite way to start the day – or end the day, or steal a few moments from the pace of the day – it was all too rare an occurrence, lately. There was abundant space. Some days, she felt as if they were two continents, doomed to drift apart, with no bridge wide enough to span the gap. Then, magically, Roxx would reach across the chasm if it was not there. She would leave and take a bit more of Trint with her when she was gone. Lately, there was very little of Trint left.

She was born to wander, she had concluded. The world was waiting, and yet she spent most of her time on the land adjacent to her father’s estate. Roxx would not join her on the hunt, today. That, she knew without asking. Roxx hated the cold, detested the snow, despised winter and everything it stood for. When she did risk the cold, which was not often, she was a walking anachronism, a Viking among robots. Trint smiled, thinking of Roxx dressed in black jeans, fur boots, jacket, and a fourteenth-century sword with integrated twenty-second century technology. Roxanne fought the cold with as much vigor as she had embraced the desert. Long, lean limbs did not serve as good insulators against biting nine-month winters. So, she would not join Trint today, and there would be just that much more space between them. Instead, Roxx would be working at her father-in-law’s institute, “for the good of the girls.” Trint, meanwhile, would continue studying the neo-anthropology of the Neanderthal.

“The lonely life of an academic,” she said aloud, as she listened to the sounds of the house awaking around her. “Ten more hours with my peeps, and none with my Roxxy.”


  1. Bob says:

    “There’s Nowt so queer as folk!”

  2. As Jim Morrison sang.. … people are strange

    Or as that other song went… It’s life, Jim…but not as we know it

    Nothing wrong with this , Bill. Fine bit of writing.

    1. Thank you, sir. Very much appreciated.

  3. EagleAye says:

    Good for you, Bill. Don’t change a thing. I thought “Hard as Roxx” was awesome. There was far more action and world-building than lesbian scenes. This book is scifi through and through. Even the lesbian aspects were more centered on a very complex love affair than sex. Their relationship was fascinating to me. It was a study in the dynamics of the human heart. Anyone who didn’t get that has reading comprehension problems.

    1. This has to be one of my favorite reviews. 🙂 Thank you. It means a great deal.

  4. Bess Jones says:

    Very nice piece of writing my love, as ever. The sad-ass-reviewers can go jump!

      1. Bess Jones says:


  5. Marie says:

    “Some reviewers gave Hard as Roxx negative reviews because it features two smart, sexy women who sometimes have sex with each other” this makes me hate people.

  6. JunkChuck says:

    If I was a reviewer I’d give extra stars for smart, sexy women who sometimes have sex with each other.

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