I’m Writing Six Books at Once

It’s stupid, I know, but I have a bunch of sequel and new book ideas and I’ve been struggling to decide which one I like the most. They all have working titles, but I’m not revealing them yet. It’s actually seven books, but that’s more a collection of stories, which is a distinctly different process.

  1. Cool Like Jazz — sequel to Hard as Roxx
  2. Roxx prequel and Trint’s origin story.
  3. Eddie Daley Mysteries, Book 2.
  4. Jeanne Dark, Book 2.
  5. Heavy Waters – Heavy is 1 part Batman, 1 part Jack the Ripper, and 2 parts Forrest Gump. But you’ll probably like him, even though you may not want to.
  6. Ordinary Dust – Poetic literary fiction that takes place in a alternate history version of the U.S. where race never mattered but status always has.

Okay, I have my Eddie Daley  plot down, and my Cool Like Jazz plot outlined. Whew, Jazz has a lot going on; it’s looking like 400 pages to Eddie’s 280ish. I may narrow it down to these two and my Alternate Historical Literary Fiction novel, “Ordinary Dust,” which I’ve also outlined.

I’ve written the first few chapters of Eddie Daley, and I like it so far. I’ll start Jazz later this week. I still don’t like my plotting of the Jeanne Dark book, but the last one took me a year to plot before I started writing. Maybe next year. I’ll also work on my Stream short stories as I come up with them. I have a good 30,000 words done already for that book.

I’ll still write the first chapter of Heavy Waters, but not the book, I don’t think. This one would be my “masterpiece” (haha!) and I’m not dedicating a year of my life to writing a 500-page book that exactly three people will ever read.

So, at some point soon, look for a post with Jazz, Eddie Daley, Heavy, and Ordinary Dust’s first few pages or first chapter. Hell, writing these all at the same time might be kind of a lark. Especially as each one calls for a distinct writing style. I like swimming against the current, so to speak, as long as there’s no actual swimming involved. Nah, in all likelihood, I’ll start them all as stated and let my Prime Readers decide which one to start. I’ve already received one vote.

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