Part 2: The 40 Best Tips from Successful Authors & When to Ignore Them

Here’s Part 2 of my massive article on writer’s tips on writing. You can read Part 1 here. 21. “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” –Anton Chekhov, playwright and short story writer Chekhov is widely accepted as one of the greatest writers in history. If…

Writer’s Site of the Day

Good writing is all about having the proper tools. An important part of your writer’s toolkit is having access to good writing, grammar, style, editing, and usage tips from experienced writers. I will be featuring a few good sites I’ve come across periodically. The first such site is Daily Writing Tips. Rather than give you…

The Other Side of NaNoWriMo

By now, you’ve likely decided whether or not to try your hand at National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo or Nano, for short). If you are pounding away towards your 1,667 daily target, then you also have heard about the pros of writing on a daily, if frenetic pace. I am not here to discourage you….

Absolute Rules and When to Break Them

I have what is either a profound advantage or a disadvantage over successful writers. No one ever taught me how to write. That is, I have never taken a writing class, unless you count high school English. Now, granted, most would consider that to be a distinct disadvantage. Any writer with half a grain of…

Writers Write

Tomorrow we are joined by author Wayne Zurl, who will post a piece about writing in dialect. For tonight, enjoy these words of wisdom by some of literature’s greatest talents.