Whish! Whish! Whish!

Here’s an excerpt from a book I’m working on (one of 4) narrated by my main character, Hank  Waters. I was raised by my grandma Cole, who used to whip me with an old-fashioned switch made of fresh hickory. It couldn’t be just any old stick, ‘cause grandma insisted on hickory, the greener the better….

Ex-Mess and My Holmesian Endeavor I

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day to you all. I trust all of you had a safe and enjoyable holiday. I enjoyed my first real Christmas in four years. It was enjoyable because I spent it hanging out with my daughter. Three years ago, my marriage ended, and I frankly hadn’t celebrated the holidays since….

Isolation My Butt, It’s Called Being a Douche

Not having the privilege of being a full-time writer, I am struck by the number of times I see (joking or serious) references to self-isolation. Roughly, they equate to “leave me alone, because I’m writer, and I’m creating.” I imagine this is followed by a haughty fling of one’s writer scarf, as the writer sits…